Rehabilitation Therapy

Our philosophy is different. We are not just the average rehabilitation center; we have a team of leading experts in the field of rehabilitation.  Our team philosophy is centered around patient care and education. We offer one-on-one care and attention, while you work with the SAME specialist throughout the duration of your treatment.  

You are our ambassadors, and we are passionate about getting you better!  

Not all patients are the same; that is why we have invested in you. Delaware Back Pain & Sports Rehabilitation Centers utilizes the most complete selections of rehabilitation equipment in our area. We have a wide variety of high tech and traditional approaches designed to achieve optimum results. 

Our rehabilitation team will design an individualized program utilizing the latest scientific knowledge with your safety in mind. We will continuously monitor your progress through quantitative functional capacity exams (QFCEs), and make changes to your plan accordingly. Rest assured, we are experts in rehabilitation and want to get you better faster.  

In addition to therapeutic exercise, our chiropractic physicians can also utilize manual techniques such as myofascial release, muscle energy, active release, neural mobilization, and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization to help you achieve pain relief.  

Upon discharged, our rehab specialists will provide you with an individualized home program to enable you to continue your progress. We have helped tens of thousands of people find relief from their pain, and we can do the same for you. 

We offer effective treatment for:

We want to educate patients and their families to give them the knowledge and tools to minimize future pain. We help patients to be accountable and actively involved in their health to minimize future pain and maximize recovery.  

We offer the full spectrum of care for rehabilitation: 

Strive to be pain-free in the future and let us help you get back to your everyday lifestyle faster. If you want the best team, utilizing the best equipment, with the best philosophy, call us at one of our 7 locations or use our online request form to schedule an appointment today.

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