Interventional Pain Management

At Delaware Back Pain & Sports Rehabilitation Centers, we don’t just treat your pain – we show you ways to decrease the frequency and severity of the pain. Our one-on-one personalized care will provide you with knowledge and show you how to self-manage your pain and lead a healthy life. 

As part of your patient education, you may receive tips on home exercise, injury prevention, spinal ergonomics, posture improvement, workplace safety, sports and exercise performance, and nutrition. 

For more persistent pain problems, we offer diagnostic and therapeutic interventional procedures that can help determine the pain source, along with decreasing and managing chronic and lingering pain conditions. Pain injections are often used to treat spinal pain. 

    Interventional pain injections include:

    Delaware Back Pain & Sports Rehabilitation Centers are established leaders in interventional pain management. Since 1986, we’ve been helping thousands of people get long-lasting pain relief from all kinds of pain conditions – call one of our seven convenient locations today. 

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