Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Speed up the healing process with platelet-rich plasma therapy. Also known as PRP therapy, this technique is a conservative treatment for soft tissue injuries and lingering pain conditions. Even old athletic injuries can be healed with PRP therapy. Professional athletes like Kobe Bryant and Troy Polamalu were early adopters of PRP therapy, and you can find their success stories all over the news.

Benefits of PRP therapy include:

  • Rapid pain relief and healing
  • Regeneration of healthy tissues
  • Fewer complications than surgery
  • Less down time
  • No incision or scarring

When you are injured, the body uses inflammation to signal a healing response. Platelets play a critical role in healing wounds, soft tissue injures, and fractures. Platelets are found in your blood and they are usually the “first responders” to an injury. They can activate stem cells to regenerate new, healthy tissue.

With PRP therapy, a highly concentrated dose of platelets, taken from your own blood, is injected at or near the injury. In turn, this boosts the activity of the platelets, ultimately leading to a faster healing process. The normal concentration of platelets in blood is about 6%, while a PRP injection is about 95%.  PRP therapy is a low-risk, non-invasive treatment.

It can heal orthopedic conditions like: 

As an alternative to surgery, PRP therapy is great for people who cannot have surgery due to age, health, or other issues.

To learn more about platelet-rich plasma therapy and find out if you might be a candidate, schedule an appointment with one of our experts at Delaware Back Pain & Sports Rehabilitation Centers!

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