Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a type of soft tissue manipulation that goes beyond traditional massage therapy. This hands-on technique involves applying gentle sustained pressure into myofascial tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. When done correctly, the technique can stretch tight and sore areas to relieve pain. Myofascial release requires specific training, and many of our providers have achieved certification in the technique.

“Myo” is the prefix for muscle, so “myofascial” refers to the smooth covering on muscles. Fascia is a smooth, tough, elastic type of connective tissue (think spider web) that covers and supports every structure within the human body, including muscle. When muscles are strained or injured, the fascia contracts, causing pain. For chronic strains and severe injuries, the fascia may stay contracted.

Our therapeutic rehabilitation team does an exceptional job with patients who need extra help to relieve pain and relax muscles and tissue. If you have pain in your muscles, tendons, ligaments, or joints that doesn’t respond to other treatments, your clinician may incorporate myofascial release in your treatment plan. It can restore tissue health, increase motion, and improve function wherever there is stiffness or pain.

Myofascial release can be combined with chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, or trigger point injections for enhanced results. All of this is available to you at Delaware Back Pain & Sports Rehabilitation Centers.

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