3D Active Traction

Pain in the back or neck can be caused by spinal compression. This can involve pinched nerves and misalignment in the spine itself. The resulting inflammation can add to the pain. At Delaware Back Pain & Sports Rehabilitation Centers, we offer the most advanced non-surgical treatments for this type of pain. One of those options is 3D ActiveTrac®.

Traction works by stretching and separating the joints (decompression). The 3D ActiveTrac is an adjustable treatment table that combines traction and decompression with three-dimensional movement. Our chiropractors use 3D ActiveTrac to treat the neck area or low back area. It is an effective treatment for anyone who feels stiffness in the neck, back, or hips. 

Conditions treated include: 

Most spine conditions do not require surgery. Come in today to see if you can avoid back surgery with chiropractic treatment. Not many practices in the country can match our combination of skilled providers and advanced treatments, like the 3D active traction table.

Meet with a chiropractor to discuss your stiff back or neck today – don’t wait! Request an appointment online for your preferred appointment time now. Delaware Back Pain & Sports Rehabilitation Centers has seven convenient locations to serve you.

3D Active Traction Wilmington, DE